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Project management software is an integral part of our daily life in 2022. With the rise of new digital technologies, these management tools become a strategic advantage for innovative companies.

Today, it is almost inevitable not to use project management software. There are many options available and it is difficult to choose the right one. How do you decide which project management software to integrate into your organization?

Today we want to help you make the right software choice.


    Project management cloud software

    There are desktop and cloud-based project management software.
    If you want to have access from anywhere in the world, without hesitation your choice would be in a cloud software. We will present you with options which you can access and compare.

    Project management software monday

    Software Monday is one of the most searched options on the web but they also invest thousands of dollars in paid ads on google. The reviews are quite positive and many even consider Monday to be the best project management software.

    According to Wikipedia: is a cloud computing platform that allows companies to create their own applications and project management software. The product was launched in 2014 and in July 2019, the company raised $150 million, based on a $1.9 billion valuation.

    With this information we can say that there are possibly other alternatives, but that monday is one of the fastest growing.

    Much of its success is due to the advertising and brand positioning, plus the system has a very fast, friendly and spectacular interface. Any employee feels comfortable working with

    What you can do on

    • Project Management
    • Sales and CRM
    • Marketing
    • Creativity and design
    • Task management
    • Operations
    • Human Resources and Recruitment
    • More than 200 workflows.

    On you can easily assign tasks and prioritize what's most important to your team. Set project timelines, goals and responsibilities, and manage all your team's workload in one place.

    Pricing starts at $8 per month and they offer a free trial on every plan.

    Download Project Management Monday

    Download Project Management Monday

    Clarity software project management

    Project management software that helps you optimize your work and deliver with consistency.

    clarity project management software: Characterized as a project management CRM, which offers you to coordinate the work and activities of the whole team in an easy and creative way.

    It offers innovative project management tools in one place.

    This project management software offers you to follow up with your customers and make a very satisfactory journey for the customer.
    It allows you to generate opportunities, orders and quotations.

    With Claritysoft you can manage task lists, assignments, due dates automatically.

    This software has very good references, many companies in the United States are already getting great results.

    It offers you a customized graphical report for a better analysis of the project.

    Its price starts at $39 per month.

    Download Claritysoft

    Microsoft project management software

    The Microsoft giant does not lag behind and offers you a project management software that will allow you to simplify each of your tasks.
    Microsoft considers it important for you to stay organized, focused and on track. Ready to tackle anything from small projects to large corporate projects.
    It offers you an easy to use application that won't waste your time advancing each of your tasks.

    Its features
    Simple to get started and easy to use
    Eliminates the disadvantages of complicated projects.
    Microsoft Project and Microsoft Teams, the power of two
    Work hand in hand without being side by side.

    Microsoft Project cloud pricing starts at $10 per month and on-premises pricing starts at $719.99 per license fee.

    Project management software free

    • Monday
    • Clarity

    Best project management software

    • Monday

    Best project management software free

    • Monday

    Project management software free download

    Download Project Management Monday

    Project management software for marketing agencies

    1. Basecamp
    2. Workamajig
    3. nTask
    4. ClickUp
    5. FunctionPoint
    6. PSOhub
    7. 10,000ft Plans
    8. Teamwork Projects
    9. iMeet Central
    10. Zoho Projects
    11. WorkflowMax
    12. Brightpod
    13. FunctionFox
    14. DoInbound
    15. Workfront
    16. Podio
    17. LiquidPlanner
    18. Traffic LIVE
    19. Advantage
    20. Clients & Profits
    21. Workbook
    22. Hive

    Freelance project management software

    • Asana
    • Trello
    • ClickUP
    • Todoist
    • Microsoft To-Do
    • Microsoft To-Do

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